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Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Mysore-style Class

  • Mon-Fri: 6–9am
  • (Last start time: 8:00am)

Most of our classes are conducted “Mysore-style” — students do their own practice with one-on-one assistance from the teacher.  This traditional teaching method is appropriate for students of all levels, including beginners.

Evening Mysore-style Intensive with Michael Dressler
Monday–Thurs 5–7pm
Offered Monthly
Next Two Sessions:
Sept 11–28, 2017 (3 Weeks)
Oct 16–26 (2 Weeks)

Led Primary Series Class

  • Saturday: 8:30–10am

Students are led verbally through the Primary series.  Everyone practices at the same time.

Please arrive a few minutes early so as to be ready when class starts.
Drop-ins with a basic familiarity with the Ashtanga practice are welcome!

Note: when the school is closed on a Saturday due to a moon day or holiday, led Primary series is offered in lieu of Mysore-style practice on the preceding practice day (usually Friday) at its usual “Saturday” time.

Moon Days

According to Vedic tradition, moon days are not good days to learn or to teach – the influence of the moon is too strong or too weak to allow for the proper assimilation of knowledge.  Thus in the Ashtanga yoga tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, yoga classes are not offered on the days of the new and full moon.

Moon days follow the Hindu calendar, according to which days are considered sunrise-to-sunrise and, additionally, may be more or less than 24 hours long as they are based not on the clock but on the relative positions of sun, earth and moon (thus our new and full moon days may differ from those in other calendars).

Moon Days

Full Moon            New Moon

Jan 11, Wed           Jan 27, Fri*
Feb 10, Fri*           Feb 26, Sun
Mar 12, Sun           Mar 27, Mon
Apr 10, Mon          Apr 26, Wed
May 10, Wed         May 25, Thu
Jun 9, Fri*               Jun 23, Fri*
Jul 8, Sat                 Jul 23, Sun
Aug 7, Mon            Aug 21, Mon
Sep 5, Tue              Sep 19, Tue
Oct 5, Thu              Oct 19, Thu
Nov 3, Fri*              Nov 17, Fri*
Dec 3, Sun              Dec 17, Sun

2017 Holidays

The school is CLOSED on the following holidays: