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Practice Guidelines

When to Practice

  • You may choose early morning, mid-morning or evening class.
  • You may attend class 3-, 4- or 6 times per week.  Eventually for most students the natural progression is to 6 days per week, but it is fine to build up to it.
  • Please note that minimum attendance in class is three days a week (unless granted specific permission by the teachers to attend less often).
  • There is no practice on days of the new and full moon.
  • Students should not alternate between morning and evening practice.
  • Students should arrive in Mysore-style class early enough to complete their entire practice (including shavasana).

What to Bring

  • All students are required to have their own sticky mat, which can be left at the school.  We do not have rental mats.
  • A cotton practice rug is optional.
  • Straps and other props are not used.
  • Natural fiber clothing (such as organic cotton) is recommended.
  • Practice should be done on an empty stomach. Water is best not drunk before or during class.

Personal Care

  • It is customary (and appreciated!) for students to bathe before class.
  • Clothing worn during practice should be clean.
  • Yoga mats and practice rugs should be taken home and washed regularly.
  • Use of scented products is discouraged.


  • Because Ashtanga yoga is such a vigorous practice, it is important to take rest on days off to allow the body to renew.
  • Female practitioners may wish to take the first two to three days of the menstrual cycle off from practice, if it’s felt that would be of benefit.  Doing so is, however, a personal choice.

Alcohol and Drug Use

  • The use of substances that cause toxicity and weaken the body and mind is not recommended while undertaking the practice of yoga. This includes alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.

Class Schedule

Early Morning Class
Sunday, 7–9am
Monday – Thursday, 5:30–8:30am
Led Primary Series:
Friday, 6–7:30am & 7:30–8:30am

Late Morning Class
Monday – Thursday, 9:30–10:45am

Evening Class
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 7:00–8:15pm

First Sunday of Each Month
Led Primary Series, 7–8:30am (in lieu of Mysore-style class)